In order that we maintain consistency and accuracy in letter formation and joins, we have decided to adopt a handwriting style across school with all pupils (and staff) being taught the same style. Read more here and maybe print the sheets off to practise at home!

More info on handwriting here
A practise sheet!
Line Guide Sheet

Expected Levels

In order to help you understand your child’s level we have put together a handy document showing the levels with an age appropriate guide to help you understand whether your child is of average, below or above average ability.

Levels - click here

Understanding Progress

These guides help parents/carers to understand how children progress in English and Maths at each National Curriculum level. Also included are ideas for what you can do with your child to support the development of their speaking and listening, reading and writing at home and help them make progress.

Understanding Progress in English

Understanding Progress in Maths

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