Calculation Policy

This policy outlines the written calculation methods that will be used for all four number operations in all year groups within school.

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Times Tables

Times Tables! Do you know them? Click here. for a list to save or print to help you learn them.

Then visit this BBC tables game page to test yourself. Click Here.

Numeracy Glossary

Glossary of terms explaining all the more complex language used in teaching primary maths today.

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Glossary courtesy of Maths Sphere Visit their website for lots of useful numeracy resources.

Helpful Hints for Numeracy

Booklet to help with numeracy terms used in school.

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This year in numeracy we are looking at ways the children can use and apply their maths skills and knowledge. Some questions in the SATs papers are of this type and examples from last years SATs are included here for you to try. Good Luck. Click here

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